Mind 3 (Section 12; Casillas)

Spring 2023

Thursdays 11:00am-12:20am

Office hours: Book online here in Rosenwald 318A or Zoom (please indicate in your online booking)

Instructor: Marisa Casillas (mcasillas@uchicago.edu)


  • 30% participation
  • 40% weekly paper
  • 30% final paper
  • REQUIRED: 2hr of SONA credit

Self grading

For each assignment and for your participation, I will give you a rubric to self assess your work. You will then be able to give yourself a proposed grade, which I can accept or change. I only plan to change your proposed grade if your proposal is substantially different from what I would give you.


In-class time is reserved for clarification, discussion, and self assessment activities. If you have not done the reading for that discussion, you are encouraged to spend the hour making up the reading time on your own rather than attending discussion (seriously!)

You will rate your participation at the end of the quarter.

Weekly paper

You will complete 7 weekly papers: 5 synopses and 2 increments to a literature review that will become your final paper.



Synopses are due in weeks 1–6 and 8. Synopses are due BEFORE the start of section.

NOTE: You get a free pass on two synopses. That is, you only need to submit 5 synopses out of the 7 opportunities to do so. You don’t need to notify me. I will NOT accept late synopses, but if you’re late you can take one of your two free passes.

You will assess the quality of your synopses in class.

Literature review increments


Literature review increments are due in weeks 7 and 9. Literature reviews are due BEFORE the start of section.

NOTE: You can NOT apply a free “pass” to a literature review assignment.

You will assess the quality of your and your peers’ literature review increments in class.

Final paper deadline (Tuesday, 23 May 2023)



Email: mcasillas@uchicago.edu

Office: Rosenwald 318A

Office hours: Book online here in Rosenwald 318A or Zoom (please indicate in your online booking)

If you require any accommodations for this course, as soon as possible please provide your instructor with a copy of your Accommodation Determination Letter (provided to you by the Student Disability Services office) so that you may discuss with him/her how your accommodations may be implemented in this course. The University of Chicago is committed to ensuring the full participation of all students in its programs. If you have a documented disability (or think you may have a disability) and, as a result, need a reasonable accommodation to participate in class, complete course requirements, or benefit from the University’s programs or services, you are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services as soon as possible. To receive reasonable accommodation, you must be appropriately registered with Student Disability Services. Please contact the office at 773-834-4469/TTY 773-795-1186 or gmoorehead@uchicago.edu, or visit the website at disabilities.uchicago.edu. Student Disability Services is located in Room 233 in the Administration Building located at 5801 S. Ellis Avenue.