come join us!

PhD students

If you are interested in applying for a PhD in Comparative Human Development to work with Dr. Casillas, please get in touch with her. Include a CV and a brief description of what your mutual interests are and what you would like to know more about regarding the program and work in the lab.

Interns and research assistantships

The chatter lab offers a small number of paid internships for undergraduate students who want to get short-term (3 month) hands-on experience with an existing lab project. Internships are not renewable and will conclude with a short report.

We also offer a small number of research assistantships for longer time periods (i.e., 6 months and longer). Research assistants will be assigned to more in-depth tasks for existing lab projects, with tasks matched as much as possible by the student’s research interest. These positions are renewable and applicable for both graduate and undergraduate UChicago students.

If you are interested in joining as an intern or research assistant, please contact Dr. Casillas with information about your major, your interests in lab research, your availability, what type of position you’d be interested in, and any questions you might have about the lab.