chatter tools

For your re-use or adaptation, here are some of the tools we’ve used to speed up data collection, annotation, and/or analysis in the Chatter Lab.

Making daylong audio recordings

See the ACLEW site for the latest LENA-alternative tools.

See HomeBank’s tools repository for LENA-relevant tools.

Ethical considerations for daylong recordings.

Considerations to make before conducting daylong recording resarch.

Tutorial on getting started with daylong recordings.

Manually annotating child language environments

DARCLE Annotation Scheme: An adaptable template and guidelines for child language environment annotations in ELAN. Citation: 1

ACLEW Annotation Scheme: A set of self-guided tutorials and gold-standard training materials, including an online test for comprehension implementing a specific version of the DARCLE Annotation Scheme for the ACLEW project. Citation: 1

Measuring turn taking in natural interaction

chattr: A set of scripts, soon to be package, for extracting turn-taking measures from utterance-annotated data. WARNING: still under development.

Annotating audio snippets

Anotar: Useful for text-based annotations of short audio snippets.

IDSLabel: Annotate speech segments within LENA conversational blocks across 1+ sites. Citation: 1, 2

ALICE: Automatically estimate number of words, syllables, and/or phones in speech clips. Citation: 1

Annotating photos

IMCO: Efficiently annotate a directory of photos using a closed set of hotkeys.
Version: 1, 2

Creating video

AnimatingConversation: Create simple animated conversation stimuli. Requires base character images, audio, and annotations of utterances.

Weave: Create snapshot-linked audio (i.e., video files) given an audio recording and concurrent photo stream.

Creating non-adjacent dependency learning stimuli

Coming soon…